Order Inventory System


Clients' products are specialized and unique; off-the-shelf software is unable to fully encapsulate products' specifications.

Product price matrices are complex; order are priced individually & manually.

Order processing is captured by individuals, resulting in an error-prone, time-consuming process that is unable to handle scale.

Inventory is not monitored closely, leading to unexpected inventory shortages and extending fulfillment times unnecessarily.


Designed & built a customised, online, order & inventory system; automating order price calculations, enabling time tracking and notifications, keeping all parties informed of the order status throughout the order lifecycle.

The system was implemented with cloud-scaling, allowing the system to scale to volume.

The system was integrated into the client’s legacy invoicing system, further reducing processing time.


Timezone differences no longer impacted order processing.
Orders were fulfilled 30-50% faster.
Order volume has also increased 50%.
Client was also able to upsell and cross-sell more equipment to their buyers through the platform -> 25% more sales.