Consulting - (IT Roadmap)


Client requires a short-time to market to deploy an online solution for E-Learning & assessments.

They do not have the IT expertise to evaluate vendor solutions.

They would like the resulting IT solutions deployed to last them 3 years, satisfying the short-term tactical goals while setting themselves up for future capabilities.

The deployed IT solutions to be "future-ready" to some of the emerging technology trends in their industry.


Recommended a 3 year IT Roadmap that phased the client’s IT capabilities; satisfying the short-term tactical requirements while looking out for some of the upcoming future trends.

Performed a robust vendor evaluation of solutions, ensuring quality and security.


Provided technical insight to the client, helping them navigate the solutioning process and highlighting any potential pitfalls.
Gave a structure/framework to the overarching business plans; ensuring the technology plans are in sync with the client’s business ambitions.
Highlighted the key emerging technological trends and prepped the readiness of the organization to these emerging issues.